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#31 - Aug. 10, 2015

Concert Reports

The concerts on June 20 and July 6 were my best yet and, along with their rehearsals, yielded some good recordings for future release.

1. four pieces for an album of improvised guitar pieces, which was born suddenly during rehearsals for these two events;
2. one piece for a live album; and
3. five pieces for a Live Promo disc to be sent to prospective concert hosts.

Blog reports, including photos and audio highlights, are available for both events:

June 20 - The Muse Rises!
July 6 - Under the Picasso, Once More

There's nothing on the concert schedule at present. If anyone would like to change that, please get in touch! [music at eyescastdown dot com]

Studio Intensive

My wife's gone camping with old friends for 12 days, so I'm taking the opportunity for some extra studio time.

Already done is a rough mix of a 20-minute piece (three synth parts and one guitar part, all recorded in one day), which I'm hoping a friend will grace with her vocal gifts. This is for an album with a literary inspiration, which is (at least) fourth in the print spool right now.

Next up: working on three albums, including the guitar improv project. One of them is likely be my first double-album, as it has apparently outgrown a single CD.

I also hope to complete the Live Promo disc and possibly work on a piece called Four Hawks for another dream collaboration.

Videographer Wanted

I'm looking for a Videographer to film a performance in my home. Fixed and handheld camera work will be required, along with synchronizing the video to my recording. Anyone who's interested, please email [music at eyescastdown dot com].

#30 - June 2, 2015

The Muse Rises!

Announcing the most exciting and ambitious eyes cast down live event yet! The Muse Rises! is an Interactive Music Festival - hopefully the first of many. Two sets of music, each running over an hour. Five pieces get their first live performances, including a surprising cover tune.

Listeners: Take a seat, or lie down & relax. Listen deep, or just drop in for as long as you like.

Visual Artists and Writers: Bring your muse and your tools! Create to the music. If you're painting, please bring a tarp.

If agreeable, I'll be happy to post photos of artworks on my website, with full credit and copyright notice in the artist's name. Anyone who wishes is also welcome to join me for a photo, for each of us to share.

Sat. June 20, 1-4pm, at Sulzer Library Auditorium, 4455 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago.

Divinations Album - 1st Anniversary

The Divinations album is one year old. Listeners' ecstatic responses include:

"I have listened to it several times - both awake and while sleeping. Not sure which consciousness mode I enjoy it in the most! Seriously Greg, you've hit a home run with this one!"

"I can't thank you enough for these beautiful pieces - whenever I need to regroup and refocus, I go to your music."

See also the enthusiastic Hypnagogue review.

If you haven't heard Divinations yet, now is always a good time. It's in our Bandcamp store.

Streaming Music on Our Website

If you haven’t visited eyescastdown.com lately, there’s more music to listen to. We’ve added Bandcamp widgets for all seven pieces that appear on compilation albums (excluding those from Free Floating Music albums, which were gathered together on Divinations). That’s an hour of music you might not have heard yet. Along with album samplers for both The Separate Ones and Memory Palace, the 2014 Promo Mix, and the entire Divinations album, there’s a total of over three and a half hours of music! Stop by our Listen page today.

Robert Rich Concert

I had the pleasure of hearing one of my main men, Robert Rich, for the third time when he played at the Planetarium in Peoria, IL on May 1. Robert uses synths, steel guitar, flutes and processing to weave a mesmerizing, atmospheric and earthy tapestry. If you haven't heard Robert's music, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

We were fortunate enough to have nice conversations with Robert before and after the performance. Robert had some generous and very encouraging feedback on my album The Separate Ones.

As an extra bonus, I finally got to meet my Memory Palace collaborator Chris Russell! Here's a photo of the three of us (L-R: Robert, myself, Chris).

#29 - Mar. 2, 2015

Divinations Album Review & Feature
The Divinations album has received a glowing review from John Shanahan (Hypnagogue), which you can read here. Much gratitude to John for his deep listening and great support!

The album was featured on Our Place Radio on Feb. 25. Many thanks to Brian for the feature, and upcoming podcast!

Don Hill
We're sad to report the recent passing of Don Hill, aka Millipede, a fine Chicago-resident electronic musician.

The benefit album, Power Beyond Fathom, from CRL Studios, has been very well received. I'm honored to have my new piece Transitional included in Part 2 of this 3-part, 47-track opus. There's something here for electronic music fans of all kinds. Please share this, and encourage anyone who likes the music to pick up a copy and support Don's family.

Steve Roach Concerts
At long last, I was able to make the pilgrimage to Tucson, Arizona, to hear my main man, Steve Roach, play two concerts in mid-February. For electronic music fans of any stripe, this is simply an imperative, unrepeatable experience.

I'm writing a three-part blog on the trip, the music and the kindred spirits whom I had the pleasure of meeting, and you'll hear about it here first.

Home Concerts!
2015: the Year of the Home Concert.

What's involved? If you like the music enough - and have sufficient room - to invite 20 friends, I will come to your home and play. You can have the full-on, fire-breathing, fasten-your-seatbelts, ambient-atmospheric-tribal experience or, if you prefer, a more serene, pure atmospheric space.

Admission is by donation. CDs of my albums will be available for purchase.

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