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#8 - January 11, 2012

Art Show - Live Event
Winter Art Collective
An intimate afternoon art show featuring five Chicago artists.
eyes cast down will perform a guitar-and-percussion soundscape as a responsive background to the artworks.

February 4, 2012
Noon - 4pm
Healing Foundations
2112 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

New Compilation Album
The FreeFloating netlabel, which included my piece Exquisite Divination of Patterns on its summer 2011 album Conception, has just released its second winter/holiday compilation. all|is|calm 2011, a free download album, includes my piece Crystalline, along with music from 13 of my respected colleagues, including Andrew Lahiff, Altus, Shane Morris and Phillip Wilkerson. Thanks to Brad Ross-MacLeod for again including me in such good company!

The Keep - My Studio
Now that we're settled in Chicago and the studio is set up, I finally got to take some photos and write a blog about it. It's lots of fun, mostly non-technical, and you can read it here.

Work in Progress
Work continues on several projects. Both the solo debut album, The Separate Ones, and the Keshava-Lila trio album Pastimes of Creation are very nearly done. Next up will be two duo albums: Memory Palace with Relaxed Machinery labelmate Chris Russell, to be released on rM; and Nuances of Illusion, with violinist Ezra Azmon, who appears on the Separate Ones piece Like a Riven Cloud.

Composition is moving along on a guitar-only album, and one or two albums of music by other composers are in the works.

#9 - February 22, 2012

Stepping to the Edge
A new blog entry sums up my recent background music gig at the Winter Art Collective in Chicago. A good time was had by all. A 15-minute audio montage is included, which you can stream or download. Enjoy!

My "Hello, World!" Year
Having survived a rough 2011, as detailed in my blog entry American Dreaming, it's time to look forward to 2012. This will be my "breakout year", with the first three or four albums slated for release.

Facebook Page
I have set up a Facebook artist page. Drop in and say Hello!

Looking Back
February 2011 featured a personal milestone and a great loss to the music world.

The milestone was my interview with Steve Roach, my musical main man and an inspiration for ambient-atmospheric-electronic musicians everywhere.

The loss was the death of Lucette Bourdin, whose gorgeous music I discovered only after she'd left us. My feature on Lucette and her music was very graciously received by many who loved and admired her. I regret having missed the chance to meet Lucette.

#10 - March 20, 2012

New Concert - April 7
eyes cast down Plays Live, in an intimate coffee house setting. Music from the Separate Ones and Memory Palace albums will be played, along with pieces by Steve Roach and Arvo Pärt.

Sat. April 7 at 6pm
Royal Coffee
6764 N. Sheridan
Chicago, IL 60626

Download Demo Medley
I've assembled a 35-minute montage for promotional purposes, blending clips from 11 different studio and live pieces:

1. Tribal Workspace (unreleased)
2. Exquisite Divination of Patterns (Conception)
3. First Day Apart (The Separate Ones)
4. Primitive and Prime (Memory Palace - live)
5. Widow's Lament (unreleased - live)
6. Knife of Karma (The Separate Ones)
7. Crystalline (all|is|calm 2011)
8. Expanse of Heart (The Separate Ones)
9. Radiant Perception (unreleased)
10. Rebuild From Memory (The Separate Ones)
11. Still River (unreleased)

You can download it all here. Enjoy!

#11 - May 2, 2012

New Live Music Clips
Two new music clips, over 32 minutes of music, have been posted to the Listen page at eyescastdown.com. These were recorded live at the April 1 and 7 live art painting shows, and blend together clips from six different pieces, all improvised.

Upcoming Live Event
I'm returning to Royal Coffee, which hosted the April 7 concert. This time it's to herald the opening of a month-long art show by Walter Palmer Burrows. Walter's explosively colorful, dynamic paintings radiate movement and energy.

For this background music occasion, I'll try a new performance approach: spontaneous composition - starting from scratch - using software synths, on a laptop. This should not be confused with simply juggling pre-recorded samples and loops. All the music will be composed on the spot. This is an exciting new approach which will make it possible to create live soundscapes in smaller spaces, especially art galleries, which lack sufficient room for the concert rig.

Saturday, May 12, 3-6pm, at Royal Coffee, 6764 N. Sheridan, Chicago. More details, including a Map and Poster, on our Listen page. We hope to see you there!

Media Kit
The eyes cast down Media Kit is now available for download. This comprises a two-page color flyer which includes a biography, photos, testimonial quotes and recent performance info, along with a 35-minute audio montage of clips from 11 different studio, live and unreleased pieces.

This will be essential for anyone who might be interested in hiring me, and of interest for anyone who enjoys the music. The flyer and music can be downloaded separately or together. Details on our Listen page.

New Blog Entries
I've just posted two new entries to my WordPress blog:
* A recap of the April 1 and 7 live art shows, including photos of artwork from all the artists involved.
* A photo-filled account of our Tibetan long-weekend getaway, which includes a farewell to a long-time friend.

#12 - July 6, 2012

New Business Project!
I've started a music branding business venture, Ear Brandy, which offers original, custom, distinctive music to help a business set their brand apart from their competition. The music can be in whatever style the client wishes, to whatever specifications they may have, and can be used for websites, videos, advertising, training, or whatever.

Many thanks to Mara of Gourami Studio, who has done another wonderful job on the graphic and text logo for Ear Brandy.

New Book by Composer Robert Bruce
Composer Robert Bruce, a long-time friend of mine, has just published the second book in his series In Between the Lines. I think Perspectives on Writing Inspired Music is so important that it should be absolutely required reading for all music teachers and students.

From Robert's website:"In Between the Lines - Book Two: Perspectives on Writing Inspired Music offers an unprecedented collection of practical and unusually vivid insights into the inner workings of writing music and the creative process, and is presented with a thoroughness and level of detail that won't likely be found in any other writing on the subject..."

I cannot recommend this book highly enough for anyone who's interested in music, in any way.

Media Kit
The eyes cast down Media Kit is now available for download. This comprises a two-page color flyer which includes a biography, photos, testimonial quotes and recent performance info, along with a 35-minute audio montage of clips from 11 different studio, live and unreleased pieces.

#13 - Oct. 9, 2012

Recent Performances
The September live events, the Carving Through Shadow workshop and the Daley Plaza concert, both went very well. I began to explore a more earthy, tribal sound, about which I'm highly excited. Five pieces in progress - combining composition and improvisation - had their birth at these two shows. My blog post "A Fledgling, New to Flight" features photos and over 27 min. of audio highlights. Video from the Daley Plaza show will be unveiled in the near future.

Robert Bruce Book Review
I think Robert Bruce's new book Between the Lines Book Two: Perspectives on Writing Inspired Music is an incredibly important book - essential reading for every music student and teacher. Why? Please read my review.

New Compilation Album
The Sound for Good netlabel has included my piece Last of His Breed on its massive new compilation Oceans. This album is a benefit for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. For a donation of $1 or more, you can download this collection from 60 ambient-electronic artists, including such respected peers as Jack Hertz, Numina, Robert Scott Thompson, Ari Porki and Paul Ellis.

My track was also chosen for a selection of pieces from various Sound For Good albums, mixed by Crazy Dymond.

Recent Blog Entries
Artists Royce Deans & Tali Farchi have posted a righteous blog entry about our improvised multimedia jam back in April. I look forward to playing with them again!

Recent entries to my WordPress blog:

* Significant changes to the setup of my studio, The Keep, which grew out of the experience of playing live.

* A lifetime performance resume. A recap of a lifetime's artistic ventures - how I got from then to now.

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