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#4 - February 16, 2011

Relaxed Machinery Label
I'm delighted to announce that I've been invited to join the artist roster on the Relaxed Machinery label. You can view my Artist page here.

I'm in some fantastic company, with the likes of Max Corbacho, Steve Brand, Chris Russell and many others who have earned my admiration for their outstanding music. Many thanks to label owner John Koch-Northrup for the invitation!

Steve Roach Interview
I've had the pleasure of interviewing ambient/electronic music pioneer Steve Roach, whose contributions to this music world cannot be overstated. This is Steve's first interview in over two years, and neatly timed so that it was published on his birthday, Feb. 16.

The interview can be found here, and the Relaxed Machinery community's birthday feature is here.

eyes cast down Blog
I've started a WordPress blog as a platform for my album reviews (which have been very graciously received), and other writing. Coming soon: the 3rd of 5 poems in the Divinations series, and the next entry in the Intrinsic Beauty series.

#5 - April 18, 2011

Mukunda's Friends
My acoustic-guitar based side project, Mukunda's Friends, has issued its first release, a digital-only single called Lacrimosa. This ecstatic song of separation and longing features singer Alannah, who also appears on Expanse of Heart. Instrumentation is guitar and synths, emulating piano, cello and bells.

The song is available from Bandcamp. My blog page on the project is here.

New Collaboration
A new project is underway, a collaboration with Relaxed Machinery labelmate Chris Russell. Chris has a new double-CD, Home, coming very soon, which is not to be missed. For this rhythm-driven project I am providing the grooves while Chris contributes the atmospheres.

We will also be contributing a piece to the next Relaxed Machinery multi-artist compilation, pencilled in for a January 2012 release.

Butterfly Effects - Recycling Project
Highly-respected electronic musician James Johnson recently proposed a project to the Relaxed Machinery community: he would provide raw materials from several of his albums, for community members to remix and recycle at will. The response was enthusistic, with 30 artists signing on.

I provided the project's title: Butterfly Effects, based on one of James' album titles and inspired by chaos theory. A series of free download-only albums will be issued on various netlabels, with the first expected this summer. Artwork for the albums will, similarly, be remixed from James' personal photography library.

I have crafted two pieces so far, one of them sourcing two of James' albums and the other referencing four. Their titles are Two Fractured Mirrors and Mandala Nebula. We'll see if they make the cut.

Full details on the project, including the list of artists, can be found here.

My WordPress Blog
My WordPress blog continues as a platform for my album reviews and other writing. Recent reviews include music by Bob Ohrum, Ari Porki, Alpha Wave Movement and Lucette Bourdin. Coming soon: the second entry in the Intrinsic Beauty series. I have also posted my interview with Steve Roach here.

#6 - July 27, 2011

Two New Compilations
In the past few weeks, two new multi-artist compilations including my music have been announced: Conception, from the new Free Floating netlabel, available for free download now; and Butterfly Effects Vol. 1, from the Relaxed Machinery community (on the Relaxed Machinery label, coming soon). In each case, I'm in great company, with some highly-respected fellow musicians.

Conception includes the new original piece Exquisite Divination of Patterns, while Butterfly Effects 1 will include Two Fractured Mirrors, which was remixed from elements of two James Johnson albums.

Work in Progress
Two new projects have begun: a solo soft-synth album inspired by working on the Conception project, and a duo album, Memory Palace, with Relaxed Machinery labelmate Chris Russell. Look for the latter album on the rM label late this year or early next.

My WordPress Blog
My WordPress blog continues as a platform for my album reviews and other writing. Recent reviews include music by Max Corbacho, Steve Brand and Ensueno, along with the second entry in the Intrinsic Beauty series: The Mode of Goodness, and a highly-personal account of how the requiem piece Like a Riven Cloud came into being.

#7 - October 3, 2011

A New Look
The eyes cast down website and newsletter have a brand-new look, thanks to an inspired design from Mara of Gourami Studio, who also designed our Kalindi Music site. Mara also provided a breathtaking photo which anchors the new-look eyes cast down blog. Thank you, Mara!

A New Home
At the end of September, we moved from Toronto (my home for over 30 years) to Chicago, to start - as they say - a new life.

A new blog entry, American Dreaming, tells the whole story of the challenges of relocating and the music which arose in response.

Blog Update
Though I have mostly stopped writing album reviews for lack of time, my WordPress blog carries on, with a piece on the Conception compilation album and an introduction to Kalindi Music. The last reviews are of albums from my Relaxed Machinery labelmates: Steve Brand, Zero Ohms, Chris Russell and John Koch-Northrup.

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