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Ari Porki & Christopher Alvarado
45 Echoes Sounds
 45E-030-2014 - July 2014

Click here to download Halla now!

1.  Aureole 8.00
2.  Ruska (w/eyes cast down) 6.21
3.  Lucid Stars (w/Stephen Briggs) 6.56
4.  untitled (w/Void of Realms) 7.13
5.  The Sacred Stones 8.24
6.  Barometric Pleasures (w/Jack Hertz) 3.51
7.  Musta (w/Cousin Silas) 8.44
8.  Halla 10.40
9.  Raja 6.00

Ari Porki and Christopher Alvarado collaborate for the second time to create Halla, inviting a handful of guest artists, including eyes cast down, who plays electric guitar and fretless electric with EBow on the piece Ruska. Greg M comments:

"I'm honored to be included in this project! I've been a fan of Ari Porki's music for years (see my rave review of his excellent album Dimension), and Chris Alvarado is a new discovery for me. Being a guest performer was a new and refreshing experience: I just recorded my parts and turned them in, with no worries about how they were to be integrated into the whole. I was thrilled to hear the final mix, and hope to sit in with more of my esteemed colleagues very soon. In the meantime, I hope listeners will give some deep listening to this album."

Halla is available for free download here.

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